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The series about Othman’s resurrection, episode 35, will Osman Safji and Dundar join KuruluşZamanı before the execution?

Many fans of the famous Turkish series, the founder Osman, are waiting for the events of the series Resurrection of Othman, episodes 35, 35, after the end of the last episode, after Osman fell into Nicolas’ grip after entering the castle, disguised by it secret passage, in an attempt to strike Vlatius and Nicolas while the castle’s commander was waiting for him. Ready to arrive with tight equipment to be able to hold him this time and not leave any opportunity to escape from his hands, which happened last time when he went to negotiate with him and was able to leave with the Turkish prisoners.

Surprise of the series, Othman’s Resurrection 35

Nicolas prepared for Othman’s arrival and feared a repeat of the situation that occurred when he refused to release the prisoners in exchange for gold and tried to kill Othman, Artgrel’s son, but he pulled his dagger from the center of gold on Flatius’ neck and took it as a protective protection for him in the midst of Nicola’s surprise and despair of joining him, prompting Vlatius to attempt to kill after attempt Osman crushed his dignity in front of the castle soldiers.

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But the surprise in the 35th episode of the Resurrection of Othman series managed to escape Othman from Nicola’s grip after his followers disguised themselves among the castle’s soldiers and killed many of them. Osman stabbed Nikola and left the castle’s secret passage, while Flatius stood amazed and wondered what had happened to him before surprising his soldiers who were flooded. In their blood.

Execution of Dundar and Safji in Othman’s Resurrection 35

Flatios also tries to take revenge on the Kai tribe by attacking Sogut in collaboration with Yawlak Arslan, who told him the appropriate time and tried to occupy Dundar and Safji with reconciliation and the tribe’s rule and not to submit to Osman’s successors, before Flatius attacks them and continues to execute both Sahfi and Dondar.

As usual, Othman shows up at the appropriate time after Comral Abdel tells him that Flatios is on his way in the middle of a large army against Sogut, but he will participate after Flatius killed many of Sogut’s people in revenge for his father, who was killed by Artgrel and Nicola, who was killed by Othman.

Series dates, Othman’s Resurrection

The new episode of the Founder Othman series is scheduled to air weekly on Wednesday via the Turkish ATV channel, which is the exclusive owner of the premiere of the Ghazi Othman series, at 8pm Cairo time, 10am UAE local time, 10pm nine in Saudi Arabia, without subtitles, provided it is played Play the episode, translated into Arabic, on a number of channels, such as “Jordanian Yarmouk Channel, Algerian Al-Fajr Channel”, the next day on the same date as the premiere

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