Saturday , September 25 2021

The government decides to set up the permanent High Commission for Human Rights to develop an Egyptian vision that promotes internationally

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During the meeting, chaired by Dr. Mustapha Medbouli, the Cabinet approved seven key resolutions on Tuesday.

The decisions were as follows:

1- Approval of the draft Decree of the Republic President to redeploy 581.13 hectares of land owned by the State for Private Ownership of the Navy, to the Directorate-General for Reconstruction and Agricultural Development Projects for Recycling and Growth Use in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

2. To approve the establishment of the High Committee's Human Rights Committee, manage the human rights file management mechanism, respond to the claims against Egypt on human rights and develop a national human rights and action plan to implement and follow them up. And to follow up the implementation of action plans to support and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms, in addition to preparing Egypt's action, presented for the Universal Periodic Review Mechanism to the UN Human Rights Council and following up the implementation of the recommendations it accepts. Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt Egypt and Egypt Of procedures for their implementation.

3- Approval of the Finance Minister's permission to issue gold and silver memorial coins in connection with the 100th anniversary of the establishment of American University in Cairo.

4- Approval of Port Said Governorate's request to extend the agreement with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, using the Yazoot system in the village of El Yaqout in the city of Port Fouad, which is 97 thousand square meters over a period of 25 years in the light of the provisions of Article XI of the Prime Minister's Decision No. 2041 of 2006, For the report issued by the Higher Evaluation Committee of the Directorate-General for Public Services in the Ministry of Finance in this regard.

5 – Approval of the request from the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation to act on a 68-hectare plot of land at the Yellow Mountain, Khanka, Qalyubia Governor's Center, a 25-year lease system for the Egypt Association, which is good for the establishment of an animal feed project, Supreme Council for Evaluation at the State Department of Public Services at the Ministry of Finance.

6. Approve the adoption of the resolutions and recommendations issued by the Ministerial Conference meeting of 7/11/2018 on the assignment of corporate direct orders or increase support schemes to complete the work to benefit from the investments spent on a number of projects in housing- and Transport Area, Responsible for Pricing.

7. Approval of the draft resolution of the President of the Republic on the establishment of a special university under the name "Sphinx University" in the Assiut Governorate. The resolution stipulates that the University may not start its activities in colleges before completing its human and material components and demonstrates that it is valid for education and scientific research. International University with an outstanding reputation.

The University aims to help raise the level of education and scientific research and provide scientific specialties to prepare specialists, technicians and experts in all areas to achieve a link between its goals and the needs of developed society and the performance of research activities to others. The University should provide the latest advanced units and work to strengthen cultural and scientific ties. With universities and scientific bodies, take advantage of the progress achieved by the developed countries using the latest developments and academic methods.

The University consists of the following faculties: Technology, Technology, Pharmacy, Dentist, Physical Therapy, Oral and Dental Surgery, Technology and Development, Applied Health Sciences and Nursing, and the University to set up specialized colleges and institutes and other research units after taking legal action in this respect.

The resolution also provides for the formation of councils within the university (administrative board, university council, faculty council or research unit) and their respective competencies.

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