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The city plan aims at doubling the world to 14%

Asim Al-Jazzar, Deputy Minister of Housing, Aid and Urban Communities, said that the city plan contains a solution to propagate the Egyptian world to reach 12-14% of the area in the inhabited country to create new areas containing new activities.

Deputy Minister of Housing, Aid and Urban Communities, under a roundabout entitled Sustainable Cities and Communities, was held Thursday as part of Egypt's day in the Arab Week for Sustainable Development. National Road Network was the first solution to double this globe. Attracta and connect new cities.

He stressed that the definition of urban three-dimensional geographical dimension and the latest demographic link to the population in density and census and post-Sisiology, which depends on the behavior of people and lifestyle, pointing to the spread of the recent Urban Tarif phenomenon in Egypt is migration from the city's rural, which makes city environments a lot of Cities are rural so that the person lives in the city with his rural behavior, and that urban areas can not be separated by three dimensions.

He pointed out that the space of Egyptian space has become economically unable to support us, and that only 7% is the inhabited area in Egypt and can not generate an economic return that covers the population.

The new administrative capital is not what we build, but it includes Cairo with its historical and cultural legacy and the new administrative center for finance and business, called the new administrative capital. .

He added that Egypt's experience in the new cities is one of the greatest experiences in the creation of new cities and in the population transfer rate, and the slums are a socio-economic problem that shows their face in urban form, a name that is not in the law.

In turn, Doctor Laila Iskandar, the former minister, pointed to the role of civil society, emphasizing that it can play important roles in urban areas, help people to move and improve the situation of those who were moving and lacking mediators.

She emphasized the role of civil society and drew attention to her role in the Triangle of Maspero, where he managed to conduct dialogue and give the people the confidence that it would be peaceful and peaceful.

The Arab Week for Sustainable Development 2018 completed its activities on Thursday (Egypt Day), which featured several discussions and round tables, which discussed a number of important topics that were attended by a number of ministers and representatives of international and Arabic institutions and organizations.

Dr Asim Al-Jazzar, Deputy Minister of Housing, Aid and Urban Communities, Dr Laila Iskandar, Former Minister and Community Development Foundation, and England. Tariq Shukri, president of an Arab company, participated in the round table "Cities and Sustainable Communities" Holding Real Estate Investment and Head of Real Estate Development.

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