Monday , August 8 2022

Sohag University 589 cases are investigated in a medical convoy


The Faculty of Humanities at Sohag University organized a medical convoy in the village of Safalak in the center of Saqlata in the province, said Dr. Ahmed Aziz Abdel Moneim, University President.

He added that this convoy will achieve the goals of the university plan for social and environmental development, developed in cooperation with the province to cover the different parts of the province, focusing on the areas most need villages and famine.

Dr. Mustafa Abdel Khalek, Dean of the Faculty of Human Medicine, said that 589 citizens have been screened in various specialties, including bones, rheumatism, endocrinology, heart, nose, ear, larynx, children and eyes, and that the current social plan, which includes the five-year plan 2015-2020 An annual report will be submitted to the college council on the implementation of the activities in this plan.

Dr Osama Rashad Al Sharif, secretary of the Faculty of Social Services and Environmental Development, said that the convoy participated in 12 national doctors from different departments and 16 students and members of the Student Union Scientific Committee under the supervision of a faculty member and an assistant in the faculty.

Dr. Ahmed Fathi, Head of the Public Health Department and Director of the Medical Convoy Implementation Plan, said that drugs were distributed free of charge to the patients under investigation. Ten cases were referred to the University Hospital for any necessary tests and radiation.

It is worth mentioning that this convoy has been carried out in cooperation with civil society organizations from the center of Saklat, led by the home partner's future secretariat, in the presence of Zakaria Hassan, member of the House of Representatives in the center of Saklat.

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