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Reasons for delivery during the seventh month – PNN


Birth in the seventh month is common in many pregnancies and some early births can pass safely on both pregnant and the fetus if the pregnant woman has a good follow-up with her doctor.
To learn more about this, Mad Net met with the consultant for obstetrics and gynecology, infertility and endoscopic surgery, head of obstetrics and gynecology department at King Abdul Aziz Hospital and oncological center, Attisar Ragheb Al-Tilouni met with this situation.

• Reason for birth in the seventh month:
• The causes of premature birth can be divided into two parts:
1. Causes of pregnancy leading to premature birth.
2. The causes of the pregnant mother need the doctor to intervene and generate early.

• A cause of the pregnant woman leading to premature birth:
Low weight and malnutrition leading to acute anemia.
2. Age of the Pregnant Mother: Pregnant women aged 16 years or over 40 are often more likely to get premature delivery before their last month.
3. Smoking often affects the pregnant woman, because the red mother is more prone to premature birth.
4. The presence of congenital defects in the uterus, such as intrauterine barrier, uterine horn, which causes pressure on the fetus, so it is sufficient reason for premature birth.
5. Have a heavy intrauterine pregnancy like twins or have extra water around the fetus.
6. Tension and mental state in pregnant women also have a role in early delivery.
7. Pregnancy twins show the mother to fatigue as a result of increased weight, which increases the weight of the fetus.
8. Long-term travel or departure within tiring trips.

• The reasons that may come to the mother and require the intervention of the clinic and the early generation:
1. High blood pressure with the presence of albumin in the urine or the so-called "poisoning of pregnancy", this is a serious disease that requires the generation of pregnant women immediately to avoid complications of pressure on them.
2. The occurrence of diabetes or pregnancy diabetes, which is not under control, waiting for the last few weeks can lead to the death of the fetus, and therefore the doctor was promptly generated to save the fetus.
3. Early outbreaks of water bag and signs of intrauterine inflammation also require early fetal development.
4. There is a congenital defect in the fetus, especially in the urinary tract, where urinary tract obstruction may be obstructed and may therefore affect and damage the kidneys and physicians must generate early treatment of this defect.

• Signs and delivery symptoms during the seventh month:
1. Serious bleeding in addition to the rush of a large amount of water at once.
2. Feeling of stomach cramps continuously with time intervals decreases over time.
3. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and heartburn.
4. Pain in the back area can be constant or come and go in intervals and accompanied by a strong feeling in the bottom of the pelvis area.
5. Pain in the lumbar area with the pelvic area and the cramps in the legs and swelling.
6. Significant weight gain.
7. Increase vaginal secretions.
8. Headache and fatigue.

• Recommendations:
1. Take the necessary precautions to avoid it and follow your doctor regularly.
2. In the absence of a clear reason to confirm the presence of a child

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