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Positive draw to settle in the first half between Zamalek and the interior

Draw for the first half of the match between Zamalek and Interior, currently in the Petrosport Stadium in the fifth week of the Egyptian Premier League.

Zamalek started the match by forming a component of:

Goalkeeper: Mahmoud Jensh.

In the defense: Hazem Imam, Mahmoud Alaa, Mohammed Abdul Salam, Abdullah Juma.

Midfielders: Tarek Hamed, Mahmoud Abdelaziz, Mahmoud Kherba, Youssef Obama, Ibrahim Hassan.

Front page: Omar Al-Saeed.

While the internal team began to form as follows:

Goalkeepers: Mohamed Sobhy.

In the defense: Mohamed Rifai, Rashad Farouk, Ahmed Saber, Mahmoud Shedid.

Midfielders: Ahmed Oka, Saidou Samburi, Emmanuel Egptor, Hussein Rajab.

Front: Mohammed Jamal, Islam Jaber.

With the first few minutes, the team's interior surprised everyone who made the first goal after a long ball and Hussein Rajab reached Zamalek in the penalty area to put it in the net.

Zamalek's players did not appear in the expected form in the first few minutes, unlike the internal players who managed to get the ball in the middle of the arena and the use of space in the white defense.

Omar Al-Saeed could change the score to Zamalek 8 minutes after a strong shot went right to the right post.

With 10 minutes, Mahmoud Kahraba succeeded in making the match for Zamalek following an organized attack that reached Obama, who passed the ball to electrify inside the penalty area and the latter did not hesitate to place it in the net.

An electrified 13 minute lead from the left corner and the ball into goal, but Mohammed Sobhi manages it smartly.

Zamalek's player Mohamed El Hanafy requires penalty penalty 16 minutes after Omar Al Said's penalty in the penalty area after the entry with the internal defender, but indicates the continuation of the game.

After the equalizer, Zamalek players are in full control of the game to score with the introduction of internal players on counterattacks.

Mahmoud Abdul Aziz fired a rocket-driven grenade from the inside after 25 minutes, but the ball hit the crossbar..

Al-Borkini's Saidou Samboury made the ball 34 minutes into the game but it was easy for Jensh's hands and Mahmoud Alaa fell to the ground 37 minutes after a common ball with one of the inner players to intervene Zamalek medical team to give him the necessary process and complete the meeting.

Ahmed Saeed Oka missed the opportunity to add another goal to the home team after 39 minutes of a counterattack, but preferred to handle the ball individually and pay for a distance to reach the ball easily in Jensh's hands.

The game played a bit in the last minute in the first half where the game was limited to the center of the field away from the risk areas and calculated the referee two minutes time instead of losing and Ibrahim Hassan scored a chance for Zamalek for the last moments after his own goal but Mohammed Sobhi took the ball to finish the first half with a positive draw For each team.

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