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Meteorology reveals the weather on Friday


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Meteorology reveals weather on Friday, quotes news site today, Friday, November 23, 2018.

Forecasts predict that Friday's low and medium clouds will increase in most parts, followed by precipitation on the northern coast, the sea surface, Cairo and Sinai, which will be heavy and sometimes thunder and moderate in areas north of Upper Egypt and south of Halaib and Shalatin.

It is accompanied by a temperature decline to moderately cold weather on the north coast, nice to northern upper Egypt, moderate south of upper egypt during the night and most of the winds are northwestern moderate, active on the west coast and active in Bahrain and the Mediterranean.

For the expected temperatures Friday in Cairo 22, the smallest 15, the great Alexandria 19, the smaller 15, the big matrouh 21 and the smaller 14 and the suhaj large 24 and the smaller 13 and the big and 25, 14 smaller and the big 28 and less 17

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