Saturday , September 18 2021

Learn about the colleges of the new Sphinx University after approval by the Council of Ministers for its establishment

The Council of Ministers approved a proposal for a resolution by the President of the Republic on Tuesday about the establishment of a special university called "Sphinx University" in the Assiut Governorate.

The resolution states that the university may not start its activities in colleges before completing its human and material components, proving its validity for the education and scientific research's good results and concluding cooperation agreements with excellent international universities.

According to a statement from the University College, the university consists of the following faculties: technology and technology, pharmacy, dentist, physiotherapy, oral and dental medicine and surgery, technology and development, applied health care and nursing. The university has established specialized higher education institutions and institutes and other research units after taking legal action in this regard.

The University aims to help raise the level of education and scientific research, provide scientific specialties to prepare specialists, technicians and experts in different areas to achieve a link between its goals and the needs of the development community and the pursuit of research services to others. The University should provide the latest advanced units and work to strengthen cultural and scientific ties. With universities and scientific bodies, take advantage of the progress achieved by the developed countries using the latest developments and academic methods.

The resolution provides for the formation of councils within the university (administrative board, university council, faculty council or research unit) and their respective competencies.

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