Thursday , October 6 2022

Including sexual health. This is what happens to your body when you eat garlic


Garlic is a plant-based plant that is characterized by its composition of several cloves, its strong aroma and its strong taste, as it is used in most nutritional recipes, as it is included in many natural recipes. It is rich in iron, zinc, manganese, protein, phosphate, vitamin C and antioxidants. According to the website “China Daily”, we will introduce you to the benefits of garlic.

1 – It protects the body from many seasonal diseases, such as colds.
2- It prevents the growth of cancer cells and stops their spread.
3- It protects the body from cardiovascular disease.
4 – It improves the secretion of insulin.
5- It regulates the level of sugar in the blood.
6- Prevents hair loss.
7- It saves the scalp from bacteria and fungi and moisturizes it.
8- Expel mucus, treat breast and respiratory diseases.
9- Improves the function of the digestive system, as it improves the secretion of gastric juice. It also treats gastroenteritis and eliminates harmful bacteria.
10- It improves bone health, increases bone density and reduces joint inflammation.
11- Improves sexual health.
12 – Treats gum disease and teeth. Relieves feelings of anxiety and tension.

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