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Hala Zayed meets a Nubian delegation to discuss his problems and discuss issues with the file … Masrawy



Thursday, November 22, 2018


Dr Hala Zayed, Minister of Health, met a delegation of Nubia people in the presence of Naseeb Nubia's Vice Yassin Abdel Sabour on Thursday night to discuss many of the health problems faced by the ministry.

Vice Yassin Abdel Sabour said in statements to the two parliamentary editors that the meeting resulted in several positive responses and fruits, all of which are in the interests of citizens, most of which is the increase in the number of doctors in the Nasr El Nuba and Aswan health units. And their telephone numbers in support of Nubian and Aswan citizens' health, as well as supporting a number of health units and hospitals with renovations, development, equipment and sanitary and therapeutic tools.

MP Yasin Abdul Sabour expressed a pleasant surprise for Nubian's sons, who will soon be supported by Nubia with CT machines, and pointed out that the minister expressed his support for the children Nuba and Aswan in their right to health and treatment while avoiding solutions and alternatives to to end their suffering, stresses all the crises and problems associated with most health centers and hospitals in Nasr Nubia and Aswan.

The meeting attended a delegation representing Nubian's sons, including Ahmed Siam Abdel Wahab, Hamdi Bashir and Yihya Yassin, to present and discuss a number of problems and problems with Nasr Nubia and West Aswan Hospital. The meeting was welcomed by the Minister of Health and Representatives of Nuba, to welcome the reception and listen to their requirements and problems.

For his part, MP Yasin Abdul Sabour expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health, to respond to the demands of the Nuba people.

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