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Egyptian stock exchange rates on Sunday


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Published on the "seventh day" prices of the shares in the largest 5 companies have risen, and the shares in the five largest companies, the Egyptian stock exchange at the end of trading Sunday 11-11-2018.

Stop trading 9 companies

The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) decided to stop trading on 9 companies for 10 minutes to exceed 5% during Sunday trading.

The companies that have been discontinued are Global Telecom Holding, Nile Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries, Daes Readymade Garments, International Crops Crops, Assiut Islamic National Trading and Development, Pyramisa Hotels and Tourist Cities, Tourism Pioneers, Cairo Housing and Development, Memphis Pharmaceuticals.

The stock market loses 4.9 billion pounds

The Egyptian stock exchange closed this week's trade session with a collective decline of all indicators driven by sales pressures from foreign traders. Market value fell by 4.9 billion pounds to close to 771 989 billion pounds.

The volume of trading on the shares amounted to £ 214 million to £ 610 million through the implementation of 22.1 thousand transactions for 171 companies. Egyptian transactions accounted for 84.81% of total transactions, while non-Arab foreigners accounted for 6.24% and Arabs 8.95%. And the institutions accounted for 21.41% of the transactions on the stock exchange, and other transactions accounted for individuals with 78.58%.

Net sales of Arab and foreign individuals and Egyptian overseas institutions for sale amounted to 7.2 million EGP, 2.9 million EGP, 48 million EGP, and 7.3 million EGP. Net transactions of Egyptian individuals and institutions amounted to 58.3 million EGP, and 7.4 million EGP respectively.

The EGX30 index fell 1.18% to close at 13570 points. The EGX 50 index stood at 0.55% to close 2188 points. The EGX20 index fell 1% to 13280 points.

The EGX70 index stood at 0.05% to 702 points. The broader EGX 100 index stood at 0.23% to close 1756 points. Nilebörsen's index increased by 0.67% to reach 474 points. Shares of 45 listed companies closed at the end of trading, 88 companies were down and 38 companies were unchanged.

8777cb9f07.jpgHigh stocks include:

– Global Telecom Holding Company closed at EGP 3,430 with an increase of 6.19%

– Asiut Islamic National Trading and Development Company closed at 5,900 EGP, an increase of 6.12%

– For clothing ready to finish closed at EGP16.970 with an increase of 6.06%

– Memphis Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries closed at EGP 8,930 with an increase of 5.81%

– International arable crops were closed at a price of 3,750 EGP with an increase of 5,04%

The falling stocks include:

– Cairo Housing & Urbanization closed at EGP12.950, down by 6.36%

– Right to subscribe to Palm Hills Development Company -3 at a closing price of 0.288 pounds, a decrease of 5.57%

– Tourists at a final price of LE 9.050, with 5.24%

– Nile Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries – The Nile at a price of 10,510 pounds, a decrease of 5.06%

– United Housing & Urbanization closed at EGP 3,660, down 4.94%

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