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Egyptian Stock Exchange News


The Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) was diversified during the trading session on Thursday, 22-11-2018. The most prominent among them was the end of the Egyptian stock market indexes, the Thursday session, the end of the week sessions, the collective decline of all indicators driven by selling pressures from Arab and foreign retailers.

Palm Hills Subscription

Palm Hills Development Company has announced that the second phase of the capital increase will be open from November 25, 2018 to November 29, on the remaining 148.4 million shares. If the intangible market is not covered by this stage, By shares.

In the event of an overdraft in the remaining shares, the allocation shall be based on the ratio of the shares required for the remaining shares and the fractional repayment.

During the first nine months of 2018, Palm Hills Development Company reported an increase of 5.6 billion ECU compared with 4.7 billion EGP in 2017 and amounted to 640.21 million compared to 466.9 million in the comparable period 2017, with Consideration of minority rights increased by 37% year by year.

The stock market loses GBP 30 billion

The Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) indices were closed at the end of Thursday's session, led by sales pressures from Arab and foreign dealers. Market value decreased by 30.6 billion ECU to close to 763.645 billion ETP. With a capital of LE 28 billion.

The volume of trading on the shares amounted to 316 million securities to 1.3 billion pounds through the implementation of 33.2 million transactions for 173 companies. Egyptian transactions accounted for 65.2% of total transactions while non-Arab foreigners accounted for 19.01% and Arabs at 15.78% Institutions today accounted for 40.82% of transactions on the stock exchange and other transactions were for individuals of 59, 17%

Net transactions for foreign persons and Arab and foreign institutions amounted to 6.4 million EGP, 105.1 million EGP and 51.1 million EGP. Net transactions by Egyptian, Arab and Egyptian companies tended to buy 85.7 million EGP, 12.9 million EGP or 64.2 million EGP. respective.

The EGX30 index increased by 0.41% to 13675 points. The EGX 50 index rose by 0.06% to 2231 points. The EGX20 index was down 0.10% at 13527 points.

The EGX 70 index dropped 0.13% to 687 points. The EGX index stood at 0.21% to close 1723 points. The Nile Index fell 0.24% to reach 476 points.

The shares in 64 listed companies were closed at the close of trading, 73 companies fell and the levels of 36 companies were unchanged.

FERCEM Egypt Fertilizers and Chemicals, the Independent Financial Adviser, has appointed First Financial Consultants to evaluate the Poly Surf offer.

The Egyptian Stock Exchange said yesterday it was decided to open the transaction market to offer the mandatory acquisition of Poly Surf Fertilizers and Chemicals on Egypt's fertilizers and chemicals from 21 November to 18 December 2018.

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