Saturday , October 23 2021

Egyptian Football Association: We have failed to lift the suspension of Azaro and our intervention to install the punishment for the two Esperans


Ahmed Shubair, vice president of the Egyptian Football Association, said the federation had urged the African Union to lift Susi striker Walid Azaro, but it did not work because Al-Ahly did not take the player to Tunisia from the ground.

Schubert said in comments to Radio On Sport FM that the Egyptian federation did not intervene to lift the suspension of Frank Coom and Zwadi Tunisian duo but could not disable the decision to lift the suspension from the correct runway.

The vice president of the Egyptian Football Association said the federation would not allow Ahli to face unjust in the return fight against Esperance, the biggest club in Africa.

Schubert ended his remarks surprisingly from the wave of the attack on Ahli from inside Egypt inside the outside and urges fanatism that shared all those who do not happen in Tunisia, all with Esperance.

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