Tuesday , July 27 2021

EGYPTAIR FOR MAINTENANCE Renewal of the European Security Agency (EASA)

In the presence of the pilot Ahmed Adel, Chairman of EgyptAir Holding Company and Eng. Mustafa Ali El Din, Chairman of EgyptAir Maintenance and Art Works. EASA's inspection procedures were conducted successfully at the company's Cairo sites, where European inspectors praised full compliance with international standards and mandatory legislation in the field of maintenance and maintenance of aircraft.

The inspection is the twenty-one for thirteen consecutive years, during which the company managed to transfer all European inspections at its headquarters in Cairo and a number of internal and external stations. During these years, the extension of European accreditation has included all technical activities that the company provides to its customers, providing technical services to 145 airlines in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East 2018 after serving Egypt Air Fleet just before 2006 despite the many events affecting air traffic and various economic activities But the determination and determination of maintenance staff were crucial to retaining these important funds, which is the main attraction for customers outside Egypt Air.

Ahmed Adel, chairman of EgyptAir Holding Company, congratulated EgyptAir's maintenance and artwork staff to succeed in passing ESA regulations and praised their efforts. He expressed his confidence in EgyptAir's sons for maintenance to maintain the high technical service of EgyptAir Fleet and Customer Plan and give more to their company and homeland, stressing that they have potential and qualifications put the company instead of international companies operating in the same area .

For his part, Eng said. Mostafa Ali El Din, chairman of EgyptAir for maintenance and work of art, said that the human factor was at the top of the inspectors of the European Aviation Safety Agency. They performed many tests for employees to determine their level of absorption of the legislation. In terms of theoretical and practical abilities that led them to hire individuals' high technical abilities and their assimilation of binding legislation and to carry out all procedures typically reflecting a high level of awareness and praised the continuous update through the magazines issued by the legislative bodies and commitment of their employees.

He added that the results of the inspection were very satisfactory as expected from Egypt Air's sons for maintenance.

The inspection takes place periodically twice a year due to the extensive scope of accreditation granted to the company under which the technical procedures and the working environment are reviewed and their compliance with the international requirements and regulations as well as the testing of technical crews and their assimilation of the data assigned to them in accordance with the technical instructions issued by aircraft manufacturers, aircraft.

The inspection included all activities of the company in terms of quality work, aircraft maintenance, spare parts stores, technical libraries, age of units, age of engines, age of equipment, warehouse complex and how to handle the number and machines. Some employees were tested to ensure that they were familiar with the technical aspects and the work assigned to them. The quality of these jobs.

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