Saturday , September 18 2021

Egypt sets the world's environmental strategy for the next two years

Abdul Jawad Abu Cub, spokesman for the Ministry of the Environment, stressed the importance of the biodiversity conference, which will host Sharm El Sheikh from Tuesday to November 29, adding that it includes the whole demonstration of life on earth. next two.

"The conference is important because it is the largest of its kind in the world, with 196 countries participating in a total of 5,000 participants," he said in a telephone interview at Beyond the Event, broadcast on Extra News, Monday evening. Suitable for agriculture, clean air, clean and drinking water, natural resources and resources for states that share them fairly and without discrimination from one state to another.

Egypt strives to integrate three international conventions on the environment, namely biodiversity, climate change and desertification, to ensure the conservation of nature around the world, "he said, adding that Egypt will set the world's environmental strategy, which is a great honor for Egypt.

"It would not have happened without the support of political leadership. Egypt is working from an African dimension, and the continent participates in taking Egypt out of this event as it won after a major competition with Turkey," he said.

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