Friday , August 12 2022

Deaths and infections of swine flu in Gaza


Gaza City A homeland: The Department of Health confirmed Thursday that a number of influenza cases caused by different types of viruses cause seasonal influenza among the people of Gaza, leading to some cases of serious illnesses and certain deaths.

The Ministry explained that this issue is monitored and supervised by the Ministry and takes appropriate measures.

The Ministry noted that this is within the normal seasonal sign of the disease.

The Ministry urged citizens to take the usual preventive measures of the disease, namely to receive the vaccine, especially for the elderly, suffering from chronic diseases, immunodeficiency and increasing hygiene and personal care.

For his part, Salama Maarouf, official at the Government Information Agency, issued a clarification on what was published yesterday about the occurrence of a number of cases of swine flu.

Maarouf explained in a press release that the official medical authorities have investigated and monitored the presence of H1N1 flu or swine flu in two areas of Gaza and did not exceed 12 cases.

He added that this injury led to the death of several of them due to the weakness of immunity caused by chronic diseases, especially in the heart or respiratory system or aging and aging, as well as all infectious cases under the careful follow-up of the competent authorities in the ministry.

He pointed out that swine flu is a seasonal species that has been present in the Palestinian territories for years and is no different in the case of infectious symptoms with other influenza viruses except in some minor symptoms, suggesting that the Ministry of Health will provide a detailed explanatory leaflet about the details of symptoms and methods of prevention and treatment.

Maarouf expressed his regret that, under the sanity ministry, because of its siege, its stores are free from drugs with a high efficiency in reducing the symptoms of the virus, especially Tamiflu, and there are great efforts for communication with many parties.

Maarouf said there was no intention to conceal information of general interest, but an official estimates that what happened did not exceed the normal rates recorded by the Ministry of Health almost every year and that the death is actually the result of complications of the chronic diseases of the deceased.

"We hope this clarification will put an end to the debate on the subject," he said. He asked to raise the level of public awareness of prevention and treatment without excessive exaggeration, which will be provided by the ministerial bulletin today.

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