Sunday , May 22 2022

Care and health – A new innovation that deals with wounds and does not leave scars


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Beijing – Lifestyle

A group of Chinese researchers have invented a gel-based gelatinel that can treat wounds without leaving scars.

According to the newspaper Biomaterial Science, researchers used the study of sericin contained in silk fibers and were introduced after the extraction of these fibers in the light of ultraviolet light and the process of tightening to tie the protein chain.

The researchers received the result of the gel gel process well-packaged cells and grow without causing an immune response to the body, preventing the occurrence of inflammation and stimulating the growth of new blood vessels. This gel also regulates the skin cells so that the scars do not grow in the affected area without a new skin. This gel has other properties, including that it prevents the bacterial access to the wound, which explains the recovery rate.

In addition, proteins present in silk have a natural biological activity that, according to researchers, depends on the composition of the amino acid in silk that resembles the composition of the amino acid to human skin.

The researchers explained that this innovation is most effective in treating wounds and prevents the appearance of scars, so hope that this gel is used in the pharmaceutical field on a large scale after completion of the characterization.

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