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And the star of the generation at the celebration of the Cairo Festival City Mall

Cairo Festival City Mall celebrates its fifth year with visitors to Golan Heights and Tamer Hosni

Al Hadaba presents her new album and Tamer Hosni for the first time after an absence at the festivals at the Cairo Festival City Mall

Amr Diab and Tamer Hosni are the most important aspects of the celebration of the 5th anniversary of the Cairo Festival City Mall

The Cairo Festival City Mall celebrates 5 years of its existence in Cairo, where a number of activities and events are announced to all visitors. A number of prizes will be presented to participants in these activities as well as competitions held on the Internet for the following Mall page or social networking sites. The parties coincide with the Black Friday season, which runs from 22-22 November, and has many exhibits from different stores in the mall.

"We have celebrated the 5th anniversary of the Cairo Festival City Mall in Cairo, and we can safely say we have successfully changed the concept of shopping experience in Cairo," said Sam Hassan, CEO at Kajero Festival City Mall. Egypt and Cairo in particular. We have made Mall not just a destination to buy but an entertainment goal for the whole family, from a clear strategic vision based on 4 main players: Entertainment. The template has the largest number of entertainment venues in East DC, and shopping where the mall has a large number of characters. In addition to a selection of top quality local brands, the distinctive dining experience offered by several restaurants, the recently introduced shopping carts at Cairo Festival City Mall Egypt, created under the name of On Wheels, and the needs of homes, Contemporary and Decorative tools, if these elements are available and in the presence of partners to succeed from one of the most popular brands in one place, they have met all the requirements of the Egyptian family, which are several interests.

Hassan added that the celebrations reflect Mall's interest in maximizing visitors' fun, quality and safety to spend good times. He pointed out that Mall will continue to support its business owners to work to develop the acquisition experience for the entire Egyptian family. It will be a great success in the next few years for the mall's work in Egypt. Cairo Festival City Mall strategy focuses on adding value to the customer While working on the best quality achieved by providing more services for the convenience of business owners in the mall.

The festival will run from November 8 to December 7, 2018, where the mall will host a major concert for Amr Diab, which will contain the latest songs from his new album. He also hosted Tamer Hosni, who returned for the first time to sing and revive a concert of this size. After the health issue, it was one of the most anticipated events in addition to many recreational activities that include competitions and games that can be shared with coupons – Both coupons on clothing stores or payment payments have the same value from restaurants or places of entertainment as bio and finally Coupons for the purchase of furniture or purchases to the house. On the last day of the festival, the names of the contestants who participated in the celebration of the mall were included to win a special 5-day trip to France to visit Paris sights and enjoy the French atmosphere.

For the participants in the Cairo Festival City Mall a number of competitions will be offered and a number of presents will be presented to five participants who win these competitions.

Cairo Festivals Parties (1)Cairo Festivals Parties (1)

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