Saturday , September 25 2021

A citizen was killed and his wife was injured in a car accident in Fayoum

A citizen was killed and his wife was injured in a car crash in Cairo / Fayoum. The body and the injured were transferred to the hospital. A report was released and the prosecutor was informed.

Major General Khaled Shalabi, Director of Fayoum Security, received a notification of the occurrence of a car coup and the occurrence of a dead and injured Cairo / Fayoum road after the toll station about 3 km.

The death of the car's left front tire is marked with a 6368 MVP coupon. The driver of Peter A, 25, is a deceased lawyer, together with his wife Mira, 32 years old, who has a bachelor's degree in education and is a resident of Tamiya. When you go.

The infected and deceased were transferred to Tamiya Central Hospital, the follow-up of the injured case, and the traffic was taken after the accident was removed and the car was seized. A certificate of the event was issued, with number 22064 for 2018 as the Tamiya police station's fault, and the prosecution was informed of the investigation.

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