Monday , August 8 2022

Zeman: The distinguished will separate next year from the protesters Slottvakten


The castle guard will create next year, before awarding the statues of Prague Castle, the logarithm, which will pass the awards. President Milos Zeman wants to differ from protesters. He told Barrandov today. This year 30 October was in place for 30 people in front of the castle, and the honors shouted "embarrassment" on the award ceremony.

The president also condemned the activists who threw a bouquet of flowers on a Saturday, November 17, in a bouquet that some politicians asked at the Národní třída monument.

In the garbage, flowers from Zeman, Prime Minister Andrei Babis (YOA) or head of the SPD movement Tomia Okamura ended. "If there is such abundance as throwing flowers in the basket, it is already bordering on fascism," said Zeman.

According to the police, activists have committed crimes against property and civil society by throwing flowers. The police suspects a man and a woman sending their case to Prague 1.

Zeman said today calling on participants at the gala evening at Vladislav Hall the 28th were particularly offensive, as relatives of soldiers who had fallen in Afghanistan came to the ceremony. "And to fight for democracy, I decided to protect the castle guard next time." The castle guard honors those who are honored and their relatives, "said the president.

Demonstrators, whom he described as fascist mobsters, would be pushed elsewhere.

The people who showed up this year before awarding the awards had banners with the inscriptions "Invasion Is Now," "Let's Keep" or "Masaryk Take The Republic To The World They Bury It", referring to, for example, Zeman, Babis or Okamur .

CSSD position? absurd

The position of Social Democrats on Friday's vote on suspicion of the government is considered absurd by President Milos Zeman. The members of the government's CSSD plan to vote in the vote. Zeman described it as a smart technician. That means there are two opinion groups in Social Democracy, and this is a way to combine them.

"The government trusts it's something absurd if social democracy is in government, but at the same time it thinks it's just going to go," said the president.

The CSSD leadership demanded the government of Zachráňme's Social Democracy Platform, whose initiator includes former vice president of the party Jiří Zimola and Michal Hašek. The party, through platform, successfully completes the left program. Leaders and alternates should not be traced to an "irresponsible attempt to trigger a government crisis." She recalled that the CSSD's participation in the government approved the referendum.

Zeman also spoke on referendum today: "If the CSSD decided to enter the government in the referendum, nobody should decide on the membership base," he said. He hopes that "mentally normal people" in the deputies will be advised on Friday, and the proposed mistrust will not pass.

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