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The new Range Rover Evoque oficiln: M is a clear hood and gets the body


Range Rover Evoque has been featured today in its generous generation. The luxury SUV series was in the first generation, so since 2011 it sold more than 772,000 pieces, and it did not have to change in any kind of generation. Therefore, the car manufacturer talks about the sophisticated development of the original.
The Evoquu brand has always been a glance with a sleek silhouette of bodywork and striking shocks that have been preserved for generations. The Dolo bag to relive in line with Velar, its supernova diodes (available Matrix LED), optically linked end lights or blinking weaves inspired the new Evoque. Even in terms of size, nothing has changed.

So the concept of the interior is familiar to the pedestrian, The Velar bag is attached with the Touch Pro Duo multi-touch system with two touch screens with a 10-inch horn, the automaker now promises fast software. It was not stored in the air conditioner and the car's functions.

Land Rover has fallen in love with bugs, and is supported by a 21 mm extension of the wheelbase and the space on the noun for the passenger's knee. There is also a passenger bus or 10% luggage. The M-volume of 591 liters (after folding backwards at 40:20:40 since 1383 liters) and against the pedestrian is ir.
Darkness is the use of materials. As with Velar, besides koenho alounn, alternatively available technical fabrics from recycled plastic, such as sms-waves Quadrat or alounn Dinamica, Eucalyptus and Ultrafabrics.
The new platform Premium Transverse Architecture is a bonus. It uses different types of materials to dream so much criticized high weight Evoqua. In addition, the carbon dioxide output in the production reduces the amount of 16 kilograms used by the recycled material, for example, engine covers, carpets or undercoats. The architecture is so many, and there are only two of them on the body. The chassis worked again to make the best use (13%) of the rigidity of the body.

Nov platform

The architecture was also adapted to electrification of drives. Immediately after the arrest of the sale will be available mild hybrid use 48V tires with, a celebrity in the car premiere characters. A year later, the Ingenium family petrol engine, which also appeared under the plug in the plug-in hybrid, was tensioned. All devices are bordered by a nine-speed automatic.
Mild Hybrid will be available in the offer by the Ingenium springs and Ingenium chains, and its part is an electric motor that acts as a starter / generator. The motor is connected by means of an emitter, and the battery underneath the floor protects energy that would otherwise be lost during braking. When exhausted, the combustion engine burns at a speed of 17 km / h, while the accelerator acts as an aid to the combustion unit.
Although Evoque has been presented as an SUV city since the arrest, he has been able to shake off Land Rover as a boss. And there's nothing new about it. The light on the chassis is 212 mm, the 25 front and 30.6 back, the smooth, smooth intergeneral rose from 500 to 600 mm. There will be a four-wheel drive, type Active Driveline generation, to completely disconnect the drive shaft drive. There will also be errors in the Terrain Response 2 system that detects the surface under the wheels and automatically adjusts the car.

Technical News

The new ClearSight mirror and field vision system will be the latest. In the first message of the internal rearview mirror, which changes to the high resolution screen, the image returns to the parking camera. This is the case when you look at the back of the screen, the display also gives you a good look, not a classic mirror. Ground View, with the help of a virgin look at the Touch Pro Duo, gives the impression of a clear engine, with emu idi lpe who appreciate the shape of the parking lot or mannequin in the tern. This is the Sri version of the system introduced for the first time in 2014.
The new Range Rover Evoque comes into the market for a fifth of a year, but it will be ordered today at prices from $ 998,371. There will only be a model model, due to the small sales end. The convertible will take some time in the current generation.

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