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The billion companies in Czech forestry were 26 companies. She won Southwest Timberland


The winner of a $ 8 billion bid for the state company Woodlands of the Czech Republic (LČR) for woodworking and timber sales 2019+ for the years 2019 to 2023 is the Southwest Timber Company from Sušice in Klatovy. The company left the best bid for 12 out of 47 competing units in the bid and has the chance to get up to 12 contracts. A bid of eight companies was submitted with a bid of eight billion euros. Last year, 31 companies entered a bid 2018+.

For the southwest woodworking, Petra and T.E.P. the real estate company with a possible profit of up to eight units. Holz from Ratíškovice and Hodonín. Third place is Lesostavby Frýdek-Místek with four units. About 26 companies offer a total of 126 offers. At least one job could get 16 companies.

Tender 2019+ is divided into 47 territorial units and comprises about one fifth of the company's forests. The winning company will work in units in January, said speech artist Eva Joukl on Tuesday. The deadline for submission of tenders was Monday. Forests in the Czech Republic belong to almost half of the forests in the Czech Republic.

There were no offers for the company in Měřín in Vysočina. "We will write this order in the near future, the start of work should not be compromised," said Josef Vojáček, chief of LČR. The average per unit is 2.74. Last year, 2018+ competed with 52 units, for which companies submitted 196 bids. The average per unit was then 3.77.

The number of companies that have entered the current tender is the lowest since 2011 when the company launched a tendering procedure for the procurement procedure for the 2012 + 2012 financial year. The first 2012 bid was on the whole of the Czech Republic's forest area, since around one-fifth of the territory competes. The average number of bids on the individual parts of the bid decreases with the decrease of the registered companies in tenders.

The biggest interest among the forest management companies in the Czech Republic was in the 2012 bid, when 56 companies left a total of 1504 offers on 117 competitive units. There were almost 13 offers per unit. From the 2015 Bid, the average number of bids per unit dropped from 8.4 to 2.7 this year. This is also due to the fact that companies no longer bid on all parts of the offer without focusing on entities within their area of ​​expertise.

Number of companies registered and tendered in the forest forest in the Czech Republic for forest and timber sales:

Uniles – 43
Hat Forest – 18
Stora Enso – 15
Southwest – 14
Petra – 10
LS Ledeč – 10

"If any company, having regard to the current market situation, has submitted unrealistic offers with a disadvantage for the forests in the Czech Republic, such agreements will be canceled," said Vojáček.

Forty-one contracts should be concluded in five years, the other two being four years and five three years. The evaluation of the tenders will be until the end of November, after which Lesy ČR publishes the results.

A new feature of this year's offer was that, after completing the contract, the chosen contractor could continue using its mining capacity to produce timber for Lesy ČR. The company wants to maintain its contractor's capacity, especially for the destruction of the current extensive bark baffle in the Czech forests.

Last year's forestry reception 2018+ was the most successful forestry company Ledeč nad Sázavou, which won nine contracts from 52 competitive units.

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