Monday , January 17 2022

Sýkora: We should have earned more. But it is Copenhagen, not the fourth grade


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The offensive midfielder took the first time since the September match with Pilsen in the first place. And it was a bit to make the European League match to him too early.

The strike after the clash with the opponent did not last. "I have a boule, my blood has accumulated, but it was not the stitches. I'm happy, Siekora said during the first half hour.

Eventually you did 79 minutes. What was the return to the base?
I'm glad I had a chance in such a match, I felt good. But he knows that it will still be a moment before I get 100% performance. I'm just glad I played such a part of the game at such a pace and we will see.

Copenhagen played, you did not allow her to fire at the gate again. But this time you did not score. Why?
I think we were very crispy, in some situations we had to keep calm, hold the balloon and do not throw it straight into the lime. It was a lot of peace, some action we only wanted to solve very quickly.

Do you score the result as a loss of points?
On the other hand, we must say against which opponent we played. The score will be useful. We must not be greedy. We had reservations, we had to win more from the match, but it is Copenhagen, no fourth class – I obviously do not want to cut it down. We have to take it.

Copenhagen seemed to be lucky with the draw.
We did not let them go, defensive four and Tomas Soucek played well. Hat down.

If Papandream defeats Copenhagen next time, you will get one point to move on from the remaining two duels. How do you feel that spring in Europe is so close?
It's definitely close, but we do not have to think about St. Petersburg beats Copenhagen or not. We have to look at each other, want to win another game.

Coach Trpišovský mentioned before the match that he had not yet managed to move on from the group. Is it the head of the players?
This was not my head yet. But I also played three times earlier in the last game and did not succeed, maybe this year breaks.

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