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She shouted: Thanks to the tissues, our muscles grew in production. The basket was found

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In the new film Radim Špaček, Zlatý podraz has turned into one of the golden Czech-Slovak basketball players and has met in detail the unique sports chapter in our post-war history. "I knew what was happening was terrible. I'm even more resenting my former establishment," said a 20-year-old actor.

You have Golden Podra's story, which tells the story of Czechoslovak basketball players after the war. How do you feel about the outcome? You are touched.
That degree of emotion is really huge. We fell in love with each other during photography. When we saw our joint work, which we had formed for more than a year, on the big screen, we felt it was true and we managed to make the film. It will really impress you.

Did you know about the history of Czechoslovak basketball players, who in 1946, as the only one, managed to win gold for the Republic at the international level?
When I went to casting, I did not even know this happened. Finally, when I learned more, I started looking for information. From the beginning it was clear to me that it was a story that was not yet on display and that it had great potential.

So did you try to study the time and circumstances in which the film's history takes place?
I reflected on what happened to my character and around her. For example, my film father is a falk, so I started on the Sokol processions and in general, I tried to find out the falcons as much as possible. I was interested in the overall atmosphere of time with regard to sports. I calculated the various commitments and problems in sport. And of course, of course, I focused on the boys themselves, our basketball players.

Something surprised you?
No. I knew that what was happening was pheasant, and this awareness was only reinforced in me. That's all it was to do, but I'm even more resenting the establishment. The film's main motive is the bending of the back before the Soviet Union and ideology as such. Which, when it comes to basketball players, hit the deadly EM in 1951.

Do you think something similar can be alike today?
We know how it is here right now, and it's not good at all. I hope that what has been done during the past regime will not be allowed to repeat so much. On the other hand, who in 1945, after the end of the war, would have thought that something like it was three years later would come. There are many things we do not even count on and that can come and may be as terrible. But I want to believe in the better variants.

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Many surveys and surveys show that many young today do not know what happened on August 21, 1968, or why it's so significant on November 17th. You are twenty years old because you look at the fact that some of your almost equal people are so basic have no overview? What is it
It would completely change the attitude towards young people regarding education. I do not want to throw everyone in a bag, but I think the education system in our country is not at a good level. I have just experienced it recently. Although I was interested in the content of many things, the system that said you have to go there, you must learn this, you have to read this and then you get the paper. How can I motivate myself to get some crap at the end? I think something should change in this. But movies can also lead to a certain basic historical overview. Let people take a picture of this topic, like ours, and learn the story more about the past. This is also a fun form of education.

How did your physical preparation look like basics look credible?
We practiced every Sunday for almost seven months. But with boys we got so stuck that we came together in the park and in the training and played with the other guys who went there. I think it's the sport I was in.

Outside the camera, the actors together with the director made more than ten thousand movements together. You said you do not even need artificial pots in the shots.
The hit with clicks has already begun the first shooting day. In front of the scene one of the actors saw hands and said, "Hey, are not we just going to pump a little?" And then we started playing almost every scene, and director Radim Špaček joined us. During shooting of baskets we were pretty cute. This is not usually the case for filming, but we were so excited about this project as we had the energy to distribute.

Zdeněk Piškula

  • He is 20 years old and holds a degree from the Prague Conservatory.
  • She has been in front of the camera for over 12 years. His first role was Honzík Dvořák's character in the Narrative series. Visegrad Fairytale played three brothers and sang together with Vojta Dyko and Tomas Klus
  • Two years ago, at the age of 18, he won as the youngest participant in the StarDance competition with dancer Veronika Lálová.
  • She forms a pair of actress Simon Lewandowsky, who played his partner in Golden Shuffle.

Your true love girlfriend Simona Lewandowska played your movie affair. What was it like working together?
Both of us were scared at the beginning, but thanks to the party that met at the party we finally began looking forward to the joint photography.

When we talked about the last time about a year ago, you said that the creators and people around you ultimately cease to perceive you as Honzik from Narrative or Matthew from The Three Brothers story. How are you today? Do you still still believe yourself as a child's actor?
I can not talk about it. It can make me rock or hike who wants it. The feeling of maturity is something else. I have the impression that this movie can get me out of the image of the blond boy from a saga or series. Even here I actually play Honza! Maybe I'll look at Honza. (Laugh)

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