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Robot Matylda hit the Czech republic for a week, the whole crime reached the target –


"Will you take me please?" Robot Matilda asked in a cute robotic voice. But she was not a typical tracker standing by the road waiting for her to stop her. Matyldo was more likely to pass the people to each other.

On Wednesday afternoon, she arrived at Pelhřimov, the journey of the trip. "It's a bit bloody, but it's appropriate to record because record conditions have been met, Matylda electronics works, it has a leg that has cracked the switches on some servomotors due to its limited mobility, but it works," he said. robot engineer Michal Seidler.

The record is that it will be the first robot to reach the intended goal itself.

Points along the way

Matyland was able to learn new things when people took her home and joined the computer. is a test lesson on how to handle the robot.

In T-Shirts, Matylda had addresses with the places she would visit and the destination. If a square has been checked at an address, it means it was already there.

She went to the pub

One of her temporary guardians was Jan Zahoř from Holýšov near Pilsen. He had it home for a while before taking another guide along the way. And she had an unusual night with him.

"We were sad that Matyl was just sitting at home so we took her to a beer at a pub, a drink and a lot of people to make people experience her and that was great. I would not have expected the man to fall in love so shortly time, Mr. Zahor said excitedly.

Humanoid Robot Matylda with his co-worker Michal Seidl.

Humanoid robot Matylda with his designer Michael Seidel.

PHOTO: Vít Černý, ČTK

According to Zahore, the environment responded positively and naturally, and it was a surprise that many knew about the project. Some of them came to see Matylda in the bar and purposeful. However, the accommodation in Matyl's pub was tired and it was necessary to upload it. "When we were still driving from the pub we loaded it, and in the morning when it started we went out to run across the sun," said Zahor.

"Somebody tried to get her out of the car seat and pushed her legs. When something breaks down, it can get caught with tape. I think it's a relatively good week on the outside," says Matylda Zahor.

To protect against theft, Matylda had a GPS locator and camera. Its location has been regularly published by the company. She is charging through the solar panel, but people can help her with the car gas outlet. It is logically tired (discharge) on the roads.

She also had a car kit that helped with basic repairs.

As soon as possible to Pelhrimov

Another guide in Mathilda's way was Lukas Cermak, who was very curious about how Mathilda would do if it was good for people to take her to the goal, or destroy or steal her.

All her movements were recorded on the facebook page Robotí autostop or We do not miss panic towel with us.

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