Saturday , September 25 2021

Plebanec talked about children and millions! He also said where to go

Since Friday, Plekancov's name is mainly associated with Kladenský Rytíři club, but also with Kometa Brno.

While native Kladno seems like a logical move, to Brno Place may, among other things, be the love of Luciana Safarova's tennis player, who comes from Brno and finishes his career in January next year.

But when Sport daily attention paid to the return of the place to the Czech Republic, the divorce complicates with his wife Lucie. In Kladno or Brno, the 36-year-old hockey player will not get 51 million a year, as in Montreal, and so much of the potential food for his two sons will fall.


GALLERY: Tomáš Plekanec at divorce

source: Profimedia

Tomáš Plekanec, Lucie Vondráčková and Matěj Hádek – 3

Perhaps it's the topic that allowed Tomas to write in his instagration how he feels and what he's waiting for in the next few days.

"I do not want millions of dollars in NHL to make these two unhappy and without both parents, I promised them that Montreal is my last club abroad, it's time to come home, thank Montreal for everything and thank the Czech fans for the favor, " wrote Plekanec and added a photo of the children.

Tomáš Plekanec

In addition, he also mentioned what he expected the next few days and when he decided for his next hockey career.

"I'm flying to Pavel Kolář and I will deal with him in the Czech Republic" has stopped speculation about where it should work.

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