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Instead of prostitutes of silk virgin. The new brothel opened in the center of Prague – PražskýDEN.cz


PRAGUE November 7, 2018, 21:39 – Kristián Vích

Photo: Photo: Naughty Harbor

In the middle of Prague began a new brothel with erotic virgins, the first of its kind in the Czech Republic. It opens every day and gives customers a choice of two erotic companions.

Prague is waiting for a sexual revolution. Although this is a news, abroad and even Europe, this trend is widespread. In Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam, and nearby Germany, for some customers, "ultra-realistic" silicone magnets become more attractive than genuine women. In Japan, silk sisters (or real dolls) become equal partners, in our environment, Naughty Harbor, Prague, is now seen as the most sophisticated erotic aid.

Will she save the virgin?

New Naughty Harbor, Prague, will be a port of lonely souls, modest partners or a solution to oppressed fantasies. For some couples, maybe a permitted infidelity and a way to save a falling marriage.

The company is located in the center of Prague at Nekázanka 10, Prague 1. It will be open every day from 10:00 to 10:00. Naughty Harbor has not yet chosen to choose between two erotic virgins. Each beauty has its name, different heights, hair colors and body conditions. The client can choose from a small red Rebecca or a dark haired Yasmine with a big bust. In half an hour with a real doll, the client pays 1200 CZK, for an hour and then 1,900 CZK. In a luxury room environment, you can experience one or more erotic experiences during that time. As for satisfaction, there is.

"The Virgins are prepared for the clients with a sterile professional procedure without having to prepare themselves as if they were in the home. The client avoids cleaning, transporting, dressing and boasting," the operators of Prague's Naughty Harbor

Prague is just the beginning

On the way, Naughty Harbor is planning to open several other activities that would also serve as a showroom to buy silicone molds. It is a fairly expensive product from CZK 30 000 to CZK 150 000, so the customer will be able to try the virgin first. Some of the site will be eshop.

The night industry has the ambition to become the largest network of erotic providers and at the same time a retailer, not only in the Czech Republic but also in Europe. The Foundation's visions are optimistic and expect customers to grow. At the same time, they are already planning their own and completely revolutionary services.

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