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Hockey players play for controversial sweaters for the first time! They are better than Slovaks, "says Uiha


Czech hockey / Martin Fousek

It was a decision that caused many negative feelings not just among the fans. It was very difficult to bite that a major national emblem, which has been decorated by Czech representatives for the last twenty-five years, has disappeared.

A jersey where the Czech ice hockey team won gold at the 2010 World Cup.

Czech hockey / Martin Fousek

The redesigned Czech hockey logo with the head of the lion, the crown and the Czech inscription is dominated by the sweaters. David Pastrňák and Ondrej Pavelce opposed the new design.

Almost 89 percent of over 173,000 fans who voted in the poll then clicked on a variation that they did not like the new design. Many of them are aware of the truck manufacturer's logo.

Even current officials who dress up their new clothes on Thursday acknowledge that they did not hide their surprise at first glance.

Attackers David Tomasek (left) and Hynek Zohorn in new training shirts from the Czech ice hockey team.

Vít Šimánek

"I acknowledge that it was a shock to me first. I have always said that the national emblem should be in the jersey, but probably all the time we go." I think it was a good step. National Captain Jakub Nakládal.

"I'm watching ice hockey and national sweaters always have a national character. But these jerseys do not seem to be as bad and tragic as some of them commented at the beginning," said Michal Uepík, an attacker of Bratislava Slovan.

"They are completely different from those with the national emblem, but after a few matches, there is a lot of money and people get used to it. It does not matter. After all, he does not care what the jersey will be, especially to help with our hockey, says Řepík to remind you that the last Czech medal from the big event was silver from MS 2012.

The new shirts were dressed for eighteen, but seniors' elections will not be premiere until Thursday, during the Hlinka Gretzky Cup in August. Coach Miloš Říha said he was used to the new version.

"And I like it slowly. I think it was primarily about the initial shock. And it's a matter of time. We were used to the lion, the fans had millions of sweaters from the past, so I understand it was a shock to them ", the new coach of the national team can feel the audience thinking.

"But I think we have better sweaters than the Slovakers have imagined." Rieh reminded our eastern grannies, on which the three-legged gunsman in the Slovak State emblem is represented by three sticks.

New Jersey and logo for the Slovak ice hockey team. Created by Marián Hossa.

While most hockey players are in the form of new shirts, the assailant Kazana, Jiří Sekáč, leaves the ice cold change. "I do not care, I do not really care. The most important thing is what Jersey means than it is. I also do not have the opportunity to decide what to do in the jersey. I'll just dress him and I'll represent him, "waved Chipmunk.

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