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Fear of a generation of hope. Janda: We are looking for a replacement for Harrachov


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Janda has been in place for only half a year, but he has been running.

Shortly after the April election he learned the unpleasant news: Ski jump in Harrachov is closed due to an emergency. From the Czech map suddenly disappeared during the winter season, a functional bridge category K70, the key to training jumpers from 14 to 19 years.

In the process he conducted intensive negotiations with the sponsors, searched for new helmets and wondered how to lift Romana Koudelka's miserable season and the whole choice of elections.

No wonder the former dive star had spent several nights. "Sometimes I found myself on the roof of the night," said the winner of the 2006 Four Jump Tours winner at a press conference at the Clarion Congress Hotel.

Jandu was busy with work – those from the Czech Ski Association and those from the Deputies. On the bench in the Thunov Palace he is behind ODS and quickly assumes a rational diplomatic expression.

Some juniors do not have to jump because of the closed bridges in Harrachov. What the hell?
We are looking for a replacement site, maybe we can find other bridges for a certain transition period. We feel a lot of pressure from clubs saying they will not work in the winter where they think we do nothing at all. We have asked them to quantify the additional costs of commuting to foreign bridges. We go to the ski association and see if it helps us and free the money. Such a solution would only be chosen for bridging time.

What time do we talk about? And what about Harrachov fail to reconstruct?
If Harrachov did not start, little bridges did not open, so we would kill a jumping generation. We just can not afford it. I think the transition period will only be left in winter and next, and in any case, the little bridges will work for the next winter. But everything is in the stars, because there is a big agenda that must work together and make an agreement.

Do you know about the state is prepared for Harrach's help?
The state promised money. And I think it's pretty cool. Here is a problem solving proprietary disputes of all groups and associations involved. It is important that they first agree, suggest solutions and then proceed with a clear project. There is an unresolved question of who would go after the reconstruction, which will pay it.

Juniors solution still looking for what you can do at work?
Nothing succeeded (Laughing). No, seriously … in the winter there was a complaint about helmets and we broke and solved this summer. Boys are very happy. This is a first step that succeeded.

How were negotiations with Uvex about delivery of a helium for senior representation?
The former company sent us some test helmets and the guys just two days ago said they refused to jump in. I have hoped for Uvex, I have ties so I called and we talked. We do not have a direct signed contract with Uvex, we have agreed on a certain cooperation. Uvex just wants the best jumps in the world, not all teams. But come out to meet us. I'm glad the guys have the equipment and they are happy.

World Cup begins November 16th in Wisle, Poland. What do you consider to be a success?
It would be great if not only Wisle, but in every World Cup tour, two boys entered the top thirties. When everyone comes to justice, it will be the best we can do. But as I say, I think at least two racers do every time.

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