Saturday , July 2 2022

Dukovany closes the fourth block again for control


The energetics of the subsequent tests found some different parameters in the steam generator, thus blocking the blockage to full operation, said power plant spokesman Jiří Bezděk to CTK today. The schedule of work has not yet been published by ČEZ. Preliminary information will take several days.

The fourth quarter ended delivering electricity to the network at 11:42. The remaining three power plant units are in operation. Dukovany, with a total installed capacity of 2040 megawatts, covers one fifth of the electricity consumption in the Czech Republic.

On Friday morning, the first turbine engine generator linked the fourth turbine generator, the other coupled on Sunday. Parameter error pairing in the primary circuit area, according to the spokesmen, was found in standard tests and tests made of dozens. "The purpose of these controls is to test and test all units at the test pressure before starting full power blocks in operation," he said.

One of Bezdec's diagnostic methods showed some different parameters in one of the steam generators. "As part of the conservative approach this morning, experts have decided to control the condition and eventually eliminate the defect," he said.

Planned blockblocks, inspections and plant modifications were already in Dukovany three. The fourth block of Dukovan was interrupted twice this year for a short time. In April he was nine days to check the equipment in the second part of the steam generator pipeline, and for the same reason, the third block was also closed. Another July shutdown of the fourth block was due to the maintenance of one of the circulating pumps.

Dukovany power plants generated 11.9 terawatt hours (TWh) electricity last year. It has been in operation since 1985.

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