Wednesday , May 18 2022

Do you have extra kilos? These autumn outfits suits you. Do not be afraid to experiment! | For women


Even with extra pounds, you do not have to hide in dark colors and stick to the clumsy jackets. On the contrary! Your character will welcome you by choosing layers that mark your waistline and mark the woman's silhouette. Then choose the coat with the band or put your own belt to the fur.

When it comes to colors, it's absolutely not to be avoided. Yes, the black color is dieting, but nothing should be exaggerated, so keep in mind that the black outfit always wants a little color contrast. It was also used by the French blog Stéphanie Zwicky, who chose a light yellow skirt. The rest of the outfit is already in classic black.

Dress up to make you feel good. Do not bend or trim shorts, just be careful – always call them with heels. You can also wear fury robes, but always have a copy of clothing – just like blogger Nicolette Mason, who chose simple black trousers on the furry fur. She likes to experiment with fashion, and she knows that the boots in the body color with their pointed end and the overall silhouette are beautifully extended.

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