Saturday , August 13 2022

Discussion – Google launches Android Auto in the Czech Republic. Owners of compatible cars no longer have to follow the rules –


Yes, Samsung can do it anyway. Xiaomi is a complete tragedy, even after circumventing the tragedy. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not work, sometimes it connects, sometimes it does not work, navigation works … sometimes it is not GPS. Interesting that there are not the slightest problems with the iphone – whatever. Basically, it was also a reason to get rid of androids, because with the apple car I have a full-fledged navigation that does not cut, spotify, etc. Everything is controlled intuitively, on the steering wheel or with the voice. Tested on 2 Astra K cars, in both cases the iPhone is used without problems (two different iPhones) and on Android only one is used, for the other car it would be necessary to update the software for 15 thousand and replace the cable with a stronger one. So an Android car may be cheaper, but until it works, it is useless.

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