Tuesday , September 28 2021

Apple's value fell by a trillion per day. The US stock markets lower companies and markets

New York Apple's technology giant shares in the pond will weaken and pull down the US stock markets. Respond to the two forecasts for the two suppliers. Apple's affordable price reduces the percentage that lowers its value of more than $ 40 billion ($ 923 billion) on the BBC server.

Apple's technology fell to Apple's fall. The Dow Jones Index, which contains shares in thirty previous US companies, including Apple, showed a decline of about 1.6 percent after Monday, 20.00. The Nasdaq Composites Technology Market Index has fallen even more than two percent.

Apple shows death, analyst Randy Frederick of Schwab said. When Apple, for whatever reason, has the feeling that it will affect technology companies, he added.

Apple's shares fell sharply, as Lumentum Holdings and Japan Display worsened their insights. Both companies will deliver Apple with Apple Records for their iPhone phones. Lumentum reported that one of the main contractors had submitted a snip. She said nothing about whether she was the first Apple.

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