Tuesday , July 5 2022

Another dismantling tomorrow. The PES school at the 3rd level entails changes. OVERVIEW


From Monday, there is another big unloading in the Czech Republic. The school’s PES system will follow the regular PES system and move to third grade. As a result, preschools and some universities open after preschools and elementary schools.

The Czech Republic is currently in line with the third tier of the PES system, although the score has currently returned to the fourth tier on Sunday. Paradoxically, schools will expect to switch to third-level measures in PES on Monday, even though the score in the Czech Republic corresponds to the fourth level.

Full-time studies are now possible students from high schools, conservatories and high schools. But the lessons will change after a week. Each class will therefore learn full time one week and distance learning the next. The exception is the students of recent years who returned to schools on 19 November. They will still have to study in person every week.

At university, they can return to full-time studies from Monday first-year students. For other students, the rules do not change.

Another release would be in the game with a grade of two, when other university students could return to normal study.

The Ministry of Education has already described in detail how degrees and admissions will take place next year. Take a look at the TV Nova report:

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