Friday , July 1 2022

Albert is inspired by edible gifts, as Lego offers


Collector's campaign is offered 13 different Lego kits, such as City, Ninjago, Jurassic Park, Friends, Disney, Creator, Star Wars, Harry Potter or Batman.

"As part of our collector's campaigns, we always try to bring something extra to our customers. We want our clients to inspire and give them the opportunity to spend their free time together, and the Lego ministry is absolutely exciting," says the start of the new campaign Soňa Balan, Marketing Manager for Albert Stores.

They were involved in the construction of the buildings so-called AFOl, adult lego fans. Their guides for non-traditional models are available on the page

The principle of a collector's campaign is already traditional. For every 200 kronor, customers receive one point, with 10 points for an addition CZK 19.90 to buy a kit or CZK 99.90 a cushion.

Until 27 November, customers can also earn points in a loyalty campaign Tefal.


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