Sunday , May 22 2022

A large number of people were involved in food. Coca-Cola is usually filled with r and puddings home


Prague Thousands of people were involved in the Nrodn Food Store on Saturday. According to the organizer, it was a pleasure for shoppers to donate food and pharmacies big. The event ended at 18:00. In the 660 stores across the country, customers could have lasting yummy and drug needs for people in need. Most often they filled the coca and puddings.

Leton we appreciate the poster very positively, we have the pleasure of joining the great power of the people. Many food and lasting goods were selected, said Tom Gajdok of Business for Society, which organizes the collection. How many people have donated will be clear on Sunday. During the past year 370 tonnes of food and 41.5 tonnes of pharmacy were collected. He or she chooses to sell to food banks, of whom non-profit organizations are shared by retirees, poor families and children from their homes.

In the smuggler center on Saturday, smugglers donated large packages, such as sugar, in addition to the individual products. I tried to choose the most necessary, nasty star who took the baby diapers and gave the drug. The volunteers at the entrance to the supermarket donated and stole in the boxes. Hypermarket Globus this year with a logo logo of the food suitable for donation.

Andrej Babi (YES) has retired on Saturday. I was in the morning to buy abo. There were young people who sat with the squadrons there and they had a list of the food I bought. And of course it's a good event, he told the newspaper before he went to Pa.

This year's event also highlights the situation of mothers in self-inflicted individuals

This year, Albert, Bill, Dm drogerie, Macro, Penny Market, Rossmann, Tesco and Lidl went to the food stores this year. This year he has donated a number of stores where he has a small horse, 36. Today the people from rna vude spude. We therefore believe that despite the sweat of the shop, but with the store's awareness, we will choose in eight more foods in our stores, but also the pharmacy, said Zuzana Hol from Lidl.

This year's event highlights the difficult situation of self-sellers and their dt. According to the editor of the club's free mothers Dana Pavlouskov, none of the mothers of the self-employed have a cash income of less than CZK 10,000. This is the case of two thousand years old Denisa from Prague who played on his son. Actuln I live in Prague 4 in the start-up, a two-year Cuban child, mainly from birth alone. I get rid of about 3500 kronor and tell me to put on my budget. You can get vegetables or meat from the bottle.

The goal of a nationwide charity event is not only to help the people who need it, but also to show solidarity with those who do not have enough resources for a long-term food and pharmacy. There are preserves, puddings, puddings, lentils, wheat, oil, honey, flour, dtsk vivas, picnic and candy for children on the buyer's list. In the pharmacy people can buy work, makeup, ampoule, toothpaste and toothbrushes, razors, fur, mushrooms and diapers. Immediately the material is fed to the food banks. From there he gets into the charity organization which gives him the necessary distribution.

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