Sunday , July 25 2021

100 years / 534 authors | Postmuseum Prague

The exhibition for the 1800th anniversary of the Postmuseum's establishment presents art designs of stamps dating back to 1918-2018.

Czechoslovakia, and after that, Czech stamp production came to world famous after perfect control of demanding printing techniques – especially multi-colored flat plates. A lot to do with this is the number of artists who process and process postage stamps. The collection of Czechoslovak and Czech stamps, held in the post office, collects tens of thousands of stamps of art stamps. The artistic design of the stamps has been designed and still today by famous artists and painters, so the Post Museum managed to build a highly appreciated collection of unique graphic works during the 100th anniversary.

exhibition 100 years – 534 writers focuses first and foremost on the public so far unknown unused and failed pattern of stamps created over the centuries Czechoslovak and Czech stamps. He can not pay attention to all the authors who lived until today 534. In addition to the traditional writers of Alfons Mucha, Max Švabinský, Karel Svolinský or Oldřich Kulhánek, the authors of the famous names such as František Kupka, Václav Špála, Josef Čapek, Jose Váchal and many others we usually do not associate with stamps. Even so, 181 original art designs will be presented at the exhibition.

From 18 December 1918, when the first Czechoslovak stamp was issued and the meeting of happy circumstances was the same date, the post museum was set up until November 15, 2018, when the exhibition was opened, 4042 stamps were issued, of which 3029 stamps were Czechoslovakian and 1013 Czech. These are based on the emissions plan drawn up by the publisher of our stamps, Czech Republic, Czech Republic and Czech Republic Post, s., Which is the only government postal operator to issue stamps. Significant authors of Czech stamps belonged to the artists Kulhánek, Born, Franta, Knotka, Ziegler, Khunová, Suchánek, Kavan, Zapadlík, Netopil, Hašková, Maget, Sivko, Zeman, Mézl, Richterová, Slíva and many others. The famous graphic artists like Karel Demel and Jiří Anderle have their grades. We can also mention the painter Jan Hiska or graphic designer Michal Cihlář, who has designed many stamps or letters and whose name also appears in unacceptable patterns.

Included Program:

  • 17. 11. 9 – 15 hours – Temporary post office
    Use a temporary stamp and sell the postcard to the exhibition
  • 24. 11. 10-17 – Small – bigger – bigger
    Art workshop for children

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