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Tolima once hit Caldas in Liga Águila


Deportes Tolima defeated Once Caldas 3-0 in the game that both teams had expected at date 14 of Liga Águila II 2018, as both teams were updated on the national leasing calendar.

With the fulfillment of the game postponed, Vinotinto y Oro was once again the best team in the championship Then it matched the dotted line that has Equity, but it takes a position on the target group Luis Fernando Suárez thanks to the distinction, so Tolima returns to the league in the league.

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The venue showed that it is on an upward return curve and comes in a moment to the FPC final, hit one of the groups that has shown the best level throughout the term.

The scoreboard was opened by the attack Yohandry Orozco after 43 minutes. The Venezuelan attacker compiled a game with the touch of the first on which Danovis Banguero's side rose to attack and reach the great area he set back to Venezuelan, who solved a left shot leaving the goalkeeper Sergio Román.

The other was the work of one of the championships. In the 76's, Marco Pérez left a painting of the left leg that ended with subtlety to adjust the ball to the stick, following Yohandry Orozco's help and past actions.

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The third came in time for the addition after Once Caldas will stay with 10 men in court. José Luis Moreno hit Daniel Cataño and looked straight red in 90 + 3.

Then Marco Pérez took the free kick 90 + 5, a powerful shot that Román controlled halfway and the rebound took him Rafael Robayo closes the match with the 3 500 goals of Deportes Tolima throughout his league history.

In that way, "Vinotinto y oro" recovers the leadership of Liga Águila II 2018 and is almost sure as a seed for the quarterfinals.

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