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They find that the body of doctors disappeared in Algeria (Cauca)


Sebastián Reina Narváez was reported missing since 2 November. As confirmed by the mayor of the municipality, the doctor's body was found three kilometers from the place where he was last seen.

Sebastián Reina Narváez's body disappeared since November 2 found in the last hours of the river San Juan de Micay (Arauca). file

The tribe of Sebastián Reina Narváez, reported as missing since 2 November in Algeria (Cauca), was found in the last hours of the San Juan de Micay River, on the Campo Bello high. The young doctor who made his countryside in this municipality was seen for the last time on Friday 2 November at five in the morning.

The authorities already carry out the respective research tasks to clarify the facts. As confirmed by the mayor of Algeria, Diego Aguilar in this newspaper, it is still unclear who would be responsible for the murder: "The body was found an hour ago, in Campo Bello (Cauca), which is more or less three kilometers from the place where he allegedly disappeared. We are waiting for the authorities to continue the investigation and clarify the matter, as it may be suicide or a murder".

Similarly, Mayor Aguilar reported that yesterday on November 5, the authorities found Sebastián Reina Narváez mobile phone on the bridge on the municipal chair. But for the president, this fact is isolated from the armed conflict that exists in Algeria, "We see that this is very special, it is an isolated case of all the serious problems we have had in Algeria and I note that not stigmatized because this situation is something that can happen somewhere in the country. We do not see that it is due to a persecution against a particular group or that it enjoys an armed organization.

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In July The community of Algeria reported that a group called Comando Popular de Limpieza (CPL) published a threatening brochure that announced the murder of all who were linked to the sale and consumption of drugs in the region. Weeks later found seven corpses in the village of Desiderio Zapata. According to the peasant versions, at about half past one morning, two vans arrived on the road leading to the El Silvery sector.

In summary, Algeria's municipality, like almost four hours from Popayán, holds a new story that also explains the cause of violence that continues to trick them. During the war, the area had a famous influence from Farc, and especially the fronts 29 and 60 were common protagonists in the confrontation in the region. But this territory in southern Cauca, in western Cordillera, has other features that have made it an epicenter for illegal actors, especially in the context of drug trafficking.

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