Tuesday , June 15 2021

The curious reason why astronauts can not burp into space

The ISS commander Chris Hadfield revealed that bending would be a bad idea for astronauts because the stomach behaves differently in space.

Before the astronauts go to space they have to go through very rigorous training so that their bodies can handle the change to a completely different environment for the earth. It's something that takes years to take a trip to a couple of weeks' space.

In fact for no one is a secret that the human organism begins to work differently in the heights. Veteran astronauts have commented that they may temporarily get higher, lose some muscle mass and feel weak when they change the weight requirements.

Thus, it is natural that there are doubts about common biological measures that we do on earth. What strikes now is the question of astronauts burping.

One day the Twitter user Greg Switzer Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield was asked to confirm if this was possible or not. Surprisingly, Hadfield said that it was not possible, at least as it happens on our planet.

The curious reason why astronauts can not burp into space

The explanation

Here is how the astronaut said:

You can not burp because the air, food and fluids in the stomach are fluid like bubbles. If you bend, you are vomiting in your own mouth. Guess where the trapped air is going. "

Therefore, you can not burp without exposing more than just gas. Basically, the results would be unpleasant and very problematic for their purity to spread in places such as the International Space Station.

A few years ago, NASA published a video that explains something similar. It is a roaring tablet inside a liquid sphere of water. If you tried to burp for sure, you would get a result like the video.

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