Friday , June 25 2021

Tesla and BMW's former electric vehicles create folding scooters

Diego Ojeda / @ diegoojeda95.

It's called UrmO and it's aiming to be a flight to the mobility problems in overloaded cities like Bogota.

Heavy traffic is one of the most latent problems in major cities. According to the specialized company INRIX, the capital of Colombia is among the 10 cities with most bottlenecks in the world. This turns into wasted hours, pollution and stress, to which former employees in BMW and Tesla They try to fight with their new product, Urmo.

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This vehicle resembles the electric light skateboard that became fashionable in Colombia a few years ago. Its main differentiator is its portability, because it can be folded as a briefcase and easily transported, weighs 6.5 kg thanks to its carbon fiber body.

Among the key features of UrmO is that it is a electric car that can be recharged in two hours, whose autonomy allows him to travel distances of up to 20 kilometers. On the other hand, it supports a maximum weight of 120 kilos and can climb backs that do not exceed 15 degrees, slope which, according to its developers, is not present in most cities.

The technology that makes up this skateboard allows it to be controlled using a application, through which the user can detect the distance traveled, battery status and block it to prevent third parties from using it, among other things. The time it takes for this vehicle to be folded for transport, as if it were a portfolio, is two seconds.

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Its measurements, when folded, are 340 millimeters with 180 millimeters. On the other hand, when available to the user to approach, its size is 480 millimeters by 355 millimeters.

Currently, this product is only available on platforms crowdfunding as Kickstarter where the project at the end of this edition has managed to raise 159 618 euros (about 574 million Colombian pesos), a figure that has already exceeded EUR 65 000 as planned.

A solution designed for big cities

"We asked how we could speed up people's daily travel. Sometimes the train or bus stations are far away, and traffic can consume many hours," he said. Felix Ballendat, co-founder of UrmO. For this businessman, "It's time to revolutionize city transports" and think your product can achieve it.

While this vehicle has limitations, such as distance, Urmo can be an extension for people. For example, instead of going to the middle of a city by car, where traffic jams are significant, the user can drive his car to a nearby distance, where the situation is not so chaotic, park the car and complete the tour with UrmO.

This product is currently in prototype phase. Developers continue to work to improve their features.

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