Saturday , September 25 2021

Stan Lee and his cameos, sure laugh for their fans in the theaters

Stan Lee, the person in charge of emblematic personalities like Spider-Man or Hulk in amazing stories about Marvel universe's fiction, went to Los Angeles (USA) for 95 years, according to information originally issued by the special media in the novel's spectacle, TMZ.

The mind behind dozens of cartoon box characters leaves this world with a giant legacy of entertainment and art; endless ideas behind authors, Illustrators, actors, producers or directors can confirm what it meant to adapt the amazing stories about Lee in different formats so that they reach the whole world.

Today, especially with the successful project of Marvel cinematographic universe, there modestly Certainly a couple of seconds to get a smile for the audience at the cinemas with an accompanying gesture or a few lines outside the context of history, but with a clear pleasure to the viewer, many remember his personality and creativity.

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Each film with the Marvel label had some of these appearances, which received more reception and memory after more than a decade, materializing a set of stories that are reaching the end of a cycle with the fourth movie of Avengersna.

"My dad loved all his fans. He was the most decent and great man, "he said TMZ Joan Celia Lee, daughter of the artist.

Here's a video with some of his latest appearances:

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