Saturday , May 28 2022

Shakira admits why she was crying for her concert in Colombia


The colombian singer Shakira confessed the reason she broke in tears during her latest presentation of her tour "El Dorado World Tour"as he did in Bogota, where before thousands of fans he was moved.

The star in Barranquilla confessed that his feelings were highest for being with his people again after spending difficult moments after the vaginal bleeding that he suffered last year, which caused him to shoot his world tour, he told Colombia's press, according to Caracol TV site.

"This road of El Dorado was a barrier to obstacles, so many things happened to me from the first minute." The voice was one of the strongest and most painful things that have happened to me in my life, "reminds the author of" La Loba ".

She commented that doctors did not give her hope to recover if she did not undergo surgery, but they also did not guarantee good results.

"The risks were great, like never singing"said the singer in front of the press.

He said that there were days when he did not feel like going out of bed, but he did because he did not affect his young children Sasha and Milan, who brought with the Spanish football player, Gerard Piqué.

It was at the end of last year that the singer stood in front of the condition, and although at first she thought she was going through an operation, she finally took corticosteroid treatment and sessions with a speech therapist to preserve the tone of her voice so she could resume his musical career.

Shakira was full of emotion when she returned to Colombia to finish her international tour, which began in June in June in Hamburg.

And that the singer was seven years of not offering concerts in his country, a fact that moved her to get thousands of compatriots in front of her, who with great enthusiasm shouted her name and chanted his songs.

During the concert held on November 3rd Simón Bolívar Park, The Colombian paused to direct a word to his audience.

"The trip ends where everything started," exclaimed the singer excitedly.

In front of his words the audience listened and caused a sea of ​​feelings in the singer who could not keep the tears and began to mourn.

"I love you Colombia, I'll always remember this moment," said Shakira, who did not stop crying on stage.

"I got excited from "I'm here." When I saw the audience so devoted and loving me, so faithful the tears came to my eyes, but I said, "I can not cry, I will not sue""said the Colombian star.

"But after "Anthology" I could not escape the excitement of seeing my people's love, "the translator acknowledged" the bike "".

The emotional moment was shared by Shakira in his Instagram account, where the video has more than 2 million views.

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