Saturday , August 13 2022

ONYX Andino Bogotá Screen: The first movie screen without projector arrives at Colombia | technique


the new techniques creates developments in sectors that we may not have expected. exactly Cine Colombia together with Samsung, they came together to give the capitalists a better one visual experience

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"Definitely, the seventh species continues innovative. From the technical point of view, Cine continues Colombia and the country worldwide avantgarde"Assures Munar Falah, Chairman of Cinema Colombia.

For the first time in the country, and in South America, a screen of 1.4 tonnes including its structure, with technology LED 4K, which guarantees greater precision in colors, has a size of 456 inches, be able to reproduce HDR content, that is, a sharper and brighter resolution almost 10 times higher to those offered by traditional projector technology.

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Juan Sebastián Delgado, Samsung specialist said that adjust the entire ecosystem that this technique to deliver the user a good experience was biggest challenge, because the screen also has a large audio system around the room.

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