Friday , July 1 2022

Minor acknowledged that he killed his classmate in the Caucasus


A youthful criminal judge imposed a measure of preventive detention against a 17-year-old boy, who accepted to have raped and assassinated Estefany Olivera Sabrieta, of the same age, in fact Disowned by the Community in the Caucasus. The minor was found naked, stroking her arms, legs and head.

Mayor of the Caucasus, Óscar Aníbal Suárez explained that the teenager was a classmate of the victim, who I would have rejected his amorous insult. To prevent it being attacked by residents, it accused had to leave Bajo Cauca and was transferred to Medellín.

"He was a boy near the girl, It seems that the man got sick because of herIt was a passionate topic because The girl did not accept his insult amorous. He was caught in the municipality. Probably he was his best friend, the president explained.

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He pointed out that despite the fact that the authorities were deployed to find their place of residence, victims stayed in the municipality. "He must have trouble because he was very calm," he added.

The teenager accepted crimes against aggravated female death and violent sexual access are attributed to the prosecutor's office. His turmoil was registered in the village of La Paraguay in the same city.

Estefany Olivera He was a tenth grade student at Liceo de Caucasus school. His body was found under his bed, in the house where he lived with his aunt.

A note on the crime scene and information from human sources was the key to legal investigators. The authorities analyze the possibility ofCollect the reward of 30 million pesos, thanks to cooperation between neighbors, witnesses and people nearby.

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With this case Caucasus exceeds 123 murders this year which means an increase of 200 percent. It is the area that concentrates the most violent deaths in Bajo Cauca Antioquia.

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