Monday , August 8 2022

Meeting of Iván Duque with the Democratic Center – Government – Politics


A communication problem was found by President Iván Duque and members of his party (Democratic Center) during a meeting held by the President this afternoon, at Casa de Nariño, with his parliamentary causus.

The duke and 51 senators and representatives of his party, commanded by former president Álvaro Uribe, met at the palace to review their relations, met the first three months by the government.

The communication problem seems to affect many areas. On the one hand, Congress members feel that government achievements during these first months are not properly known.

Others believe that ministers should improve their communication with legislators in order to coordinate tasks.

"The key was to improve communication of what was achieved by this government," said representative Edward Rodriguez, as a balance sheet of the palatial summit.We are working a lot with communication because we believe that the development of these 100 days has not been properly communicated, says representative Samuel Hoyos.


Although it was basically asserted that it was a routine meeting, the meeting met with one of the most critical moments of President Duque since he took office not only fell vertically in opinion polls, but its main bill sent to Congress (tax reform), which is necessary to clean up the state finances, faces serious flaws.

It was Uribistas themselves who led the opposition to Duque's first state funding project. After his own party announced that it would not vote for family tax earnings, the other political organizations joined in this decision until the central axis of the project collapsed.

Today, the Congresses in Duque Democratic Center offered all their support, but there is still no clear formula Let the government raise the 14 trillion pesos needed to balance the budget next year.

The key was to improve the communication of what has been achieved by this government

Much of the communication between the congressmen and the president concerned the need to compile a viable financial statement. And that is what the legislators are committed to.

Several of those who participated in the meeting with the president said that the issue of any coalition supporting the government was not raised.
, but they acknowledged the need to work in that direction.

In recent days, former President Uribe has insisted on his Twitter account about the need to project a coalition that supports the government, as the current support is not enough to approve reforms in Congress.


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