Sunday , January 17 2021

Government: Attack on Caño Limón-Coveana's oil pipeline is an "ecocidal"

The President of the Republic, Iván Duque, rejected the attack committed Caño Limón-Coveña pipeline in Norte de Santander, and it generated a game of oil in the village of Cedeño in the countryside of the municipality of Toledo.

The President attributed that case to the ELN guerrillas and He described this as an "ecocid" which affects the country's natural resources in addition to the serious environmental impact the peasants in that country in the country.

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"ELN has made terror attacks that affect the civilian population. They have appealed against the kidnapping, they have burned vehicles, and now they appeal to the attack of the pipeline that produces" ecocides ". The Colombian environment is sacrificed"Said Duque.

In the event of an environmental emergency, Ecopetrol activated a contingency plan with the installation of protection barriers to prevent contamination of Cubogon and Arauca rivers.

The oil light ended on a road on the Soberania road connecting Norte de Santander with Arauca, so it was necessary for the authoritiess take other preventive measures to avoid emergencies.

Ecopetrol also urged society not to carry out activities that endanger people's lives in any of the surrounding communities and Attempting the environment and natural resources.

The authorities reported that there were three attacks against Caño Limón Coveña oil pipeline, one of them in Arauquita, another in Saravena and the latter in Toledo countryside.

According to the Colombian oil company, so far 2018 There have been more than 50 violent events against the oil pipeline Caño Limón – Coveñas, what has hindered its business and caused major financial losses.

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