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Four teams will fight for two places to the quarterfinals of Liga Águila


November 10, 2018 – 11:55 p.m.


Colprensa – the country

The regular season of the Águila league ends this weekend with the fulfillment of the nineteenth day, with six clubs already qualified, ten eliminated and four contesting the last two places available for the quarterfinals.

The federal season has established the current champion, Deportes Tolima, with the company in privileged locations La Equidad, Atlético Bucaramanga, Independiente Medellín, Once Caldas and Atlético Junior.

Atlético Nacional and Rionegro Águilas defend their places from the threat of Santa Fe and Deportivo Cali, why Dimayor decided that the four will perform this Sunday from noon. 17.30 on the program. Cali and Rionegro will play at home and Nacional and Santa Fe will visit, although the Cardinals will be in their stadium because they play the capital's classic.

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Atlético Nacional depends on itself
One of the candidates who fought for the title is Atlético Nacional, who after a long time has to wait until the last date of the regular phase of the tournament to secure a place in the final.

The green paisa visit of Itagüí to the descended lions and to classify depends solely on oneself.

If he wins, he registers in the quarterfinals. If you tie, it depends on Santa Fe or Rionegro who did not win.

Points have National Athletic in the league position. His goal difference is 7.

If he loses, he is rated by defeats of Cardinals and Eagles, and that Cali draws or loses.

On Sunday's duel at the Metropolitano Stadium in Itagui, the debut of Brazilian coach Paulo César Autouri was introduced during the week as the man who will lead the valuables in the coming seasons following the failures of earlier seasons of coaches like Spanish Juan Manuel Lillo and Argentinean Jorge Almirón.

Nacional is from winning the Águila Cup with Hernán Darío Herrera.

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Rionegro, not to be released
The second option to qualify directly for the quarterfinals is from Rionegro.

If Antioquenos win at home against the already classified Atlético Bucaramanga, they will come straight into it.

Points accumulate Rionegro so far this term, has a goal difference of 1.

If you tie, the ticket depends if Independiente Santa Fe does not win or that Nacional loses.

And if it falls against leopards, the options for paisas are reduced to the cardinals losing and Cali does not put up the three points.

The cast ruled by coach Jorge Luis Bernal comes to this day in the eighth position.

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Santa Fe depends on others
From the outside, Santa Fe is the first option, but does not depend on itself and is forced to win in the capital classic against eliminated millionaires.

score Santa Fe sum in the league and have a goal difference that favors him at draw.

If he wins, he has to wait for one of the two, Nacional or Rionegro to tie or lose. If you tie, you qualify the good difference of +11 if one of the two, green or gold loses. Nacional has +7 and Rionegro +1.

Cali from behind could reach that line 29, but with a difference of +3, it continues to yield the Santa Fe advantage. The defeat eliminates Guillermo Sanguinetti's team.

Cali has the most complicated possibilities
The most remote option to qualify for the quarterfinals is Deportivo Cali, but mathematically he lives and dreams of developing in the tournament.

With 26 points, Deportivo Pasto has to win to reach 29 and expect that two of the three, Atlético Nacional, Rionegro or Independiente Santa Fe, lose their games, have no alternative to bands or more results.

Points add Deportivo Cali to the tournament and have a goal difference of 3.

When you reach 29 points, with +7 and the goals you make against Pasto, you automatically beat Nacional and Rionegro if they lose because they have less goal difference.

With Santa Fe located below that point, then the cardinals tie and reach 29, with +11 utilizing those sugars.

The future of coach Gerardo Pelusso on the head of sugar producers will depend on what's going on this last day.

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