Tuesday , June 28 2022

Experts discover 29 malignant applications for Android phones


The city of mexico.- Specialists in the data security company ESET has found many applications Android which contains malware that can bypass security and steal data through programs of electronic bank.

There are 29 programs, from drivers and cleaners to battery drivers and even horoscope applications infected with Trojans (can give an attacker remote access to the infected computer), allows to control applications for the victim's device.

Unlike the increasingly common "malware" that mimic legitimate financial institutions and displays fictional revenue screens, the mentioned applications belong to a category of sophisticated "malware" for banking applications with complex functionality and strong emphasis on stealth "experts in We live safety.

With goal to obtain personal information and steal funds through bank applications, these Trojans remote controlled can attack all programs on the victim's mobile phone with shapes of phishing custom.

This is achieved by obtaining the code HTML of the programs installed on the computer and use that code to override false forms on legitimate applications when they begin.

The above "gives the victim very little chance of noticing something is wrong," the experts point out.

Although malware has been uploaded to Google Play, mostly with different developer names, the similarity of code and command and control servers indicates that they are a single attacker or a group's work.

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