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Disney +, the platform as the studio wants to compete with the popular streaming service Netflix


"We have been competing with Amazon for more than 10 years, so we are used to a strong and healthy dispute."

This told the BBC Netflix director, Reed Hastings, when talking about the launch of streaming of the Disney series and movies next year.

"It makes us better", he noted.

It is expected that the service is called Disney +, which was called as "Mata Netflix", assumes hard competition for the established platforms.

Hastings admitted that Disney, which reported record performance last week, is a "formidable" company.

Disney announced that it achieved record-breaking earnings this year with a result of nearly $ 12.6 billion and $ 59.4 billion in revenues.

"It has a lot of content (like) Star Wars and Marvel, it will be a good competitor"he said. "And it will push us to do the best job in our lives."


Netflix, which already has more than 130 million paying subscribers in more than 190 countries, also strives to gain more customers and increase its presence in Asia with the launch next year of 17 programs exclusively manufactured in the region.

End of 2019

Disney + It will be a family oriented website that will present a mix of new shows and movies from the company's cataloga.

The launch is scheduled for the end of 2019, announced the company.

He said Robert Iger, CEO of Disney, study investment on the internet was not yet profitable, but he said he was pleased with the results so far, especially on ESPN +, which now has more than 1 million subscribers.

"The early growth path for ESPN + is very encouraging and we think it understands well for our global strategy (…)," he said.


Disney had announced it in August 2017 would withdraw all their Netflix movies in 2019 and it would launch its own broadcast bid for its previous titles.

The company too bought the studio 21st Century Fox, including its television division and international assets, with the purpose of partially expanding the directory of movies and television programs for its digital websites.

Iger said that Disney hoped to complete an agreement that will give it a part control in Hulu before June 2019.

This would help Disney to create a powerful television studio to deliver programs for its digital products "directly to the consumer," he said.

Iger announced that he also expected Hulu and Disney + to be available internationally.

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